Parker Road Corridor Study

Parker Road Corridor Study

Submitted by jerry on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 3:14pm.

The Parker Road Corridor Study is exploring and defining the most appropriate set of improvements to best move traffic through the Parker Road corridor, while considering the unique context of this rapidly developing area.

Current and projected traffic volumes and increasing traffic congestion along Parker Road between Hampden and E-470 prompted Arapahoe County to initiate a corridor transportation study to address regional mobility and local accessibility needs now and well into the future. The Parker Road Corridor Study has had three public meetings to date, with the fourth and final public meeting scheduled for January of 2009. Foxfield is represented on the Executive Committee to provide input with the Town’s

interests in mind. Additional information can be found at

The Daily Traffic Volumes graphic illustrates the current daily traffic trips and the estimated traffic by 2035. In short, traffic on the study corridor will more than double by 2035. The corridor study includes several key elements:

  • Defining the immediate and long term transportation needs of the corridor.
  • Considering roadway types and travel mode options focusing first on the need and purpose of the transportation project, while considering safety, mobility, and the preservation of scenic, aesthetic, historic, environmental, and other community values.
  • Assessing the benefits, impacts and tradeoffs of the various transportation improvement options.
  • Identifying a locally preferred, realistic strategy for the timely implementation of the recommended transportation improvements. Options for the Arapahoe Road and Parker Road interchange are not being investigated as part of the Parker Road Corridor Study, since the final design for this interchange is happening concurrently. The previously planned interchange design is being considered during the Parker Road Corridor Study. See separate article for an update. As part of this study, an Access Control Plan will be completed for the corridor. The

Access Control Plan will define and finalize the ¾ and full turn intersections south of Hampden and north of Cottonwood. The plans for some of the intersections have been finalized, others are still being analyzed. Illustrations of the proposed intersections can be found at (click Public Meetings in the left column).

Level 2

Options are available for each intersection. Since the August 21st public meeting these options have been narrowed to the options listed below.

Level 3 Intersection Options

Leigh Avenue – At-Grade, signalized

Quincy Avenue – Grade Separation: Tight Diamond or Diamond with Loop Ramp

Abilene/Temple Drive – At-Grade, signalized

Belleview Avenue – At Grade, signalized

Chambers Road – At-Grade, signalized

Orchard Road – Grade Separation: Single Point Urban Intersection or Tight Diamond

Lewiston Way – At-Grade, signalized

Chambers Way/East Foxfield Access – At-Grade, signalized

Broncos Parkway/Jamison – At-Grade signalized, or Grade Separation: Tight Diamond

Long Avenue – At-Grade, signalized

Aurora Parkway – At-Grade signalized, or Grade Separation: Tight Diamond

Cottonwood Drive – At-Grade signalized

The intersection that most affects Foxfield at this time is at Broncos Parkway and Jamison.

Both Foxfield and Chenango have expressed concern about the impact traffic entering on Jamison has on the safety and quality of life. Roads in both Chenango and Foxfield are 24 feet wide with no shoulder or curb and gutter. Arapahoe County plans to increase Broncos Parkway from 4 lanes to 6 lanes. Both Foxfield and Chenango have asked for the Jamisonentrance to be minimized.

When the Arapahoe Road and Parker Road intersection is completed the island at East Fremont Avenue will be closed and East Fremont Avenue will be a right-in/right-out intersection. Foxfield has been working with CDOT for an access on the east side of the ¾ intersection at Chambers Way coming out of the CornerStar development. We are requesting that this

access be included in the Access Control Plan. In the future if the commercial property along the east side of Parker Road is developed, right-ins and right-outs will be requested to support the development. These additional accesses do not have to be defined at this time and may be applied for when and if they are needed.

Definition of Terms

At-Grade intersections control intersecting traffic movements in the intersection by traffic signals, stop signs or yield signs.

Grade Separated intersections include the construction

of a bridge for one intersecting traffic flow to cross over or under the other without the need for traffic controls.

A Tight Diamond interchange involves two closely spaced signalized intersections of ramp terminals with the crossing arterial street (e.g., Hampden Avenue and I-225).

A Single Point Urban Intersection is an interchange configuration with

only one common signalized intersection of entry and exit ramps with the crossing arterial street (e.g., University and I-25).